The perfect life


I haven’t got it all together.

I’m not anywhere near perfect.

I haven’t got ‘a perfect life, doing perfect things, living in a perfect house with a perfect family, in my perfect job’!

I’m not a Christian because I’ve got it altogether.

I am a Christian.

I admit I need a saviour: Christ.

I know that all the good things I have, all the great things I have achieved have been through Christ.

My non-perfect but still great life is not as a result of my own self, my own efforts but the grace of God.

I’m here because I’ve always had access to this God who loves me, imperfect.

Not perfect.

Not infallible.

But loved.

That’s me.


Why should I be perfect when I can rely on the perfect God?

Why do I need to have a perfect life when I can live off him who led a perfect life?

Why stay awake at night worrying when he who never sleeps looks out for me?

Why not love others when I am thoroughly loved by him, unconditionally and without judgement?

Why not be kind to others when he always forgives me, always gives me yet another chance..?

Why should I not tell others about this perfect gift?

Why wait another day, alone when he who is big enough to fill all your emptiness continues to knock on your door?

You are loved.

Imperfections and all.

Warts and scars.


Mistakes and all.

You are not a mistake.

Every hair on your head is known and loved.

Every non-hair on your head is accounted for.

Every breath you take is a deliberate gift.

Every step is seen.

Every tear is felt.

Every day is accounted for.

Every moment can be a step closer to freedom.

A life without fear.

The certainty that you are loved,



Unreservedly loved.

Freedom to let go of past pains,

Battles won and lost,

Glories faded.

Victories hard-earned and successes clung to.

Scars, still painful,


Yearnings unfulfilled.

Wants met,

Needs unmet.

Freedom to slip off the reigns to a greater expertise.

Freedom to rest in the love of him who made you.

The engineer of your intricate design.

The author of your yet unwritten, fully unfinished story.

Freedom to love knowing you’re loved.


Be loved.

“We love because God first loved us.”

1 John 4:19 ICB


4 thoughts on “The perfect life”

  1. Well written! At the beginning, my initial thought was ” good for you with your perfect life”, until I got to the latter part😊.
    Perfect imperfect lives, and yet God uses the imperfection in our lives in a beautiful way.
    Hope you ll keep writing❣

    Liked by 1 person

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